We are working on DD6's application now, and I have a few questions. Only a portion of each of her test scores meet the minimum requirement: her WIAT Reading composite (152) and her WISC-IV PRI (145). Has anyone noticed that if only one subtest of each test meets the minimum requirement, they ask for more information or decline the application altogether?

Also, when filling out the application, I am unsure how much detail to include. I have written 1-2 small paragraphs (4-5 sentences each) for each question, but I feel like that isn't enough. I remember reading on this forum that people often have to go to extra pages, so I suspect our current answers are sparse. And I have also read here that people often take months to work on the application, but what we have took a weekend. I worry that I'm not taking it seriously enough. DD6 could really benefit from DYS's consulting since we are already have issues with school.

My current answers each start with a general statement and then follow with one example of her exhibiting that behavior. Should I include more than one example? I am having trouble thinking of more examples; I suspect it's because her abilities are normal to us. I would hate it if my inability to recognize her strengths prevents her from getting the support they can provide.

Thanks for your help!