Thank you Mark and thanks to everyone else in this thread. I'm trying not to be nervous waiting. We sent ours for the April 1 deadline. I asked DH and DS to go play together (lol) and spent about 8 hours hand writing the application, contacting his tutor and explaining the reference form, making copies of DS's work and recording a video of a presentation he gave onto a CD. I made the decision to snail mail everything instead of email as I wasn't certain I could keep it to the attachment limit requested. I received an email a few days later saying that the application is complete (phew!).

I guess I'm nervous because we are applying without IQ test results. Hoping his achievement score and the portfolio I put together will be good enough. Glad I waited till this year (he's 8) instead of doing it last year because he's only now starting to write more. Apart from the CD, I sent in his math doodles (he draws graphs of number patterns for pleasure) and a sketch he made of a science experiment he plans to carry out (involving sodium and explosions) and a few pages of his word collection (yes, he collects words). Like others mentioned, I typed out a long story on a word doc and attached that to the application. Included all the milestones I could remember about reading, math etc.

"After" (emphasis on after) sending it I realized there were a bunch of good videos I'd taken that I could have included (big frustrated SIGH...). Well, fingers crossed! And good luck to everyone else waiting like we are.