The website says this about IQ scores:

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WISC_IV: Standard score 145+ (99.9th percentile) on at least one of the following sections: Verbal Comprehension, Perceptual Reasoning, General Ability Index (GAI), or Full Scale

Portfolio: They're looking for evidence of his ability to work two or more years ahead of what would be expected for his age. My impression is that handwritten materials are a priority for them (as noted in their directions here). Scanned handwritten math work that's at least 2-3 years beyond what would be expected of a typical child his age would presumably be what they're looking for.

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A portfolio consists of at least four academic work samples that clearly demonstrate the applicant’s advanced abilities in academic areas of strength including math, writing, reading, science, or social studies. Please submit independent work that is completed without the assistance of teachers or parents. The Review Committee prefers handwritten examples as they allow them to better gauge ability and independence. Typed work with grades and teacher comments can be included as scanned PDF files. Work must be at least 2-3 grade levels above age peers to qualify for the Young Scholars Program.

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