I am new to this forum. For the past few days, I spent hours here reading past posts, gained a lot knowledge. Thank you!

I've posted a question regarding DYS application criteria in a separate post, but guess might get more inputs here... (so sorry if you read this same question twice blush)

My DS6 was tested this month with complete WISC-IV but only 3 subtests of WJ-III (Passage Comprehension, Applied Problems, and Writing Samples). He is current enrolled in our public school half day K program. The school principle made an exception to allow early testing. (Usually, it won't happen until after group screening at the end of 1st grade) His WISC score is good fit for DYS. His "Applied Problems" -- one subtest in the Math section was 163 (>99.9th). Will this one subtest score good enough for applying DYS? I doubt the school district would do "extra" (complete WJ-III testing) at this point. DS is interested in Physics, Chemistry as well as Math. He learned Algebra, Geometry before turning 6 and is pushing to learn Calculus (which I can't help him anymore... cry) Can a portfolio (showing him doing some of the algebra or geometry problems) plus the "Applied Problems" score be "good enough" for DYS application? Suggestions are greatly appreciated!