Hi! Just a quick update on "completing WJ-III testing" for my DS6. We are fortunate to have a very cooperative school district. The school psychologist administrated the Broad Math subtests on Wednesday. We received the updated report the same day afternoon. We are so grateful. Also, the school will have district's Math specialist to have "grade level Math testing" done with DS soon to identify gaps/holes in his knowledge. He did well on the WJ-III Broad Math tests with overall score at 184. We'll get the ball rolling for DYS' application! Thanks again for all the discussion and suggestion.

Sorry that I have more questions about the application:
1). Is there any "word limit" when answering the questions on the application form?
2). About the "developmental milestones of the child": does that only apply to DS' first two years? (for example: talk, walk, learned ABC/123?) Otherwise, it can get really long...
3). "In what areas does your child exhibit prodigious intellectual ability?" Do you recommend me to include "proofs" to support my claims, for example: recording of his piano play; his sample Math work, Physics understanding/conceptual reasoning, etc. again, that really can get very long...

Thank you all in advance!

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