Our school did testing for Gifted for both my boys. I was not thrilled with the scope of the school systems testing even though they both qualified for gifted.

So I went to the university psychology clinic where they are training grad students. Both of my children ended up being tested by the same grad student about a year apart and she and her supervising professor are doing research in giftedness (just a coincidence that we drew her both times). The clinic does testing on a sliding scale and then even took off more money for my youngest because we did extra scales and forms and answered extra questions on him for a bit of research on giftedness. I could only guess which forms/scales were standard and which were extra for the research but I have a good idea. That study was over by the time we got to my older son the next year (and he was one year too old for the scope of the study anyway).

If you only need a WJ-III completed I would call the university and see if you can get a grad student to do it. The three subtests already given can't be given again so I am not sure if they can just complete the rest of the subtests or if they would need to pick a different achievement test altogether...make sure you give them the list of acceptable achievement tests.

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