I have tested my dc. You pose an interesting question. I really believe some of the danger lies in what you choose to do with information. We don't share the information with people other than by necessity. The school has seen the numbers and Davidson has seen them. Our family has not and will not seen them. My own dc don't know there numbers. I am not a fan of giving attention to my children for something they personally have no control over such as an IQ score. I would never allow media exposure over an IQ score. One of my dc has had very minimal media exposure of winning some different things, but nothing an normal developing child could not win as well.

I was a little concerned about opening Pandora's Box with testing. I am glad we did it and its been very helpful for me to understand them better. If you feel no need to do and feel you have a good grasp on your dc, I can total see not testing as well. I think a lot of us find it very informative. It's certainly not for everyone.