Has anyone thought about whether there is a point where having formal IQ testing might be dis-service to the child? Where if a childs score is very high you may not want a record of it or it might be more harmful to have that information out in the world than to not have them tested. Has anyone with a PG child chosen not to test? Also with very young children who are very asynchronous could it be a dis-service to test before they even out or present an unrepresentative picture of who they are. We have several PG family members who were fairly odd children. Ha Ha. I have a young 6 year old and we are considering not testing him. We have a DD who is HG/PG and he is considerably more advanced. I am concerned that it would not be beneficial to test him at this point because of extreme asynchrony and general quirkiness. We feel we have learned a-lot of the information thats out there about how to meet their needs and I am not sure testing him would be very helpful at this point. He is not in school and probably will not be any time in the near future, but I would consider applying for DYS at some point. We think the resources would be helpful at this point in our lives. This site has been extremely helpful to our family over the years. Has anyone ever chosen not to test a child?