Hi Everyone, We are getting ready to send in our application to DYS and I have a question I want to throw out regarding the qualifying criteria...

We have option#1 scores in spades, for option #2 we thought we had a qualifying WIAT III score for the reading composite, but the tester did not do all 4 subtests, so what I have are qualifying scores in Reading comprehension and word reading, but no scores for decoding and oral reading, hence no composite score. The tester thinks I should submit anyway because in her opinion the two tests she did not do would have no effect on the overall picture.

I plan on submitting the email exchange I had with the tester about this so they see her reasoning and hope that they agree, otherwise I will have to pay for the additional tests...boo.

So my question is if you all think I should submit something else as well? I do have ERB test results that I could include, but I don't know if those would have any real effect. I prefer the test results as opposed to work samples, seems cut and dry that way as opposed to opinion.

Any advice for us would be appreciated! Thanks!