DS8 is in second grade in a very academically rigorous private school. He tested with a GAI of 148 but a FSIQ of 132 due to a PSI of 97 as compared to VCI of 136 and PRI of 143.

I've been considering applying for DYS but feel his scores might be borderline and haven't invested in more testing.

DS8 has recently become enthralled with video games (minecraft) and watching videos about these video games. As a result, it is hard for him to focus on school work or anything else.

His opinion of school varies. He enjoys the social aspect but finds writing and sitting still tedious. He often complains of homework (though they really don't get as much as public schools) and of getting in trouble in class. He has adopted a 'class clown' persona as of late and he responds to anything uncomfortable by trying to joke his way out. (It's driving me mad...)

I've been meaning to perhaps send in a portfolio, but I'm not sure what 2-3 grades above grade level actually mean? For his school, a 2nd grader is doing multiplication and division and reading Harry Potter books. I can't imagine what 4th graders are doing!

Is there a place where I would be able to see a guide of what 'grade level' actually means for each grade?

I sense that this 'class clown' persona might have to do with anxiety from social interactions or from getting 'in trouble' in class. His teacher has also been on him about messy work and bad grammar / handwriting, though I turned in a report at the beginning of the school year where it stated that this was an ongoing problem of kids with significant differences between their PSI and PRI/VCI scores. Teacher's response was "well, he still has to write". (specially tough as they are doing cursive work...)

How do I approach this?