Well, I received a very nice email today - DD11 is a newly minted DYS!! I wanted to cry but was in the midst of car pooling 3 kids...

So many thoughts have been floating through my head.

I remember when she was a bitty thing, and Early Intervention stated she was incredibly developmentally delayed and probably intellectually disabled (ok, trying not to cry now).

Her fourth grade teacher said DD needed a psychiatrist instead of challenging work. She argued against the grade skip (luckily the school district ignored her!).

Wanting to wave the information in front of the middle school AG teacher who shut down a parent teacher meeting about DD by telling the teachers "Oh, we have lots of kids who are smart in our school" when my DH and I tried to explain that DD needed challenging work in science and social studies (her favorites).

So many other feelings and thoughts - too many to list. I know that DH and I are just amazed at her transformation.

I want to thank everyone here for all the information and support since we started this journey!!

PS - I just double checked the email to see if I mis-read it. Nope, she is in!

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