Focusing on understanding Emotional IQ and Dabrowski's Moral Development is like rocket fuel. Below are some sparks for keeping your adult gifted son's and your own spirit burning well and continuing to reach the stars.

1. This blog has some very brief info on the importance of doctors to have compassion.
"How Smart are Medical Doctors?" - medaholic | medaholic


2. here is a looong online article to read after a good meal and a good nights sleep. "Dabrowski’s Theory and Existential Depression in Gifted Children and Adults" - Webb, J, Ph.D.

"When people undergo a great trauma or other unsettling event—they have lost a job or a loved one dies, for example—their understanding of themselves or of their place in the world often disintegrates, and they temporarily "fall apart," experiencing a type of depression referred to as existential depression."

Also, you can look over the above reply to John Silver's request for more info. It has many links with more information and support.