This is a reply to "Please forgive me if I came across as being arrogant".

Hi Val and All. This is another challenge Gifted Folks can experience-being misunderstood and put down for being arrogant. By the way, I embrace your opinions and in no way sensed you were being arrogant.

I've been frequently told by a non-gifted parent that "You're too big for your britches", when all I did was voice my opinion about something I'd given thought to.

Gifted folks are known for being "opinionated" (and are usually described this way in less than in flattering terms). After awhile, with enough disappointments and criticisms about voicing our usually well thought-out conclusions, the best of us gifted ones can become overly cautious about appearing "arrogant" to others.

Within a group such as this one, I personally can feel better understood and safer in expressing an opinion. Why? Because I sense we are having a good time, like Gifted ones can do, with learning about and exchanging new information - without feeling threatened. Whew!