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We are in Lamar (southeast corner). I feel differently when I am in the regular part of Colorado. We just got back from a weekend in Denver.
lol re "the regular part of Colorado." We're not in Denver either, but probably somewhere more "regular" than Lamar.

I had a lot of issues that I wanted to leave behind when I lived in the SF Bay area, but in hindsight after leaving there, I had a lot more like souls in that area than where I am now.

I do also wonder if there is something about being older that makes finding friends more of a challenge in that the only natural places where you meet other adults/potential new friends tend to be work and kids' schools. Having HG+ kids puts a bit of kink in finding parent friends especially during the early years when there is a lot of parental ego tied up in child development.

I've loved finding the few others with gifted-HG kids with whom it isn't a parental pissing contest. I've also loved the few parents who can gracefully recognize that differences exist and not be defensive about it.

Work has been hit and miss for me. It is interesting in looking back at my college years and realizing that many of my friends were guys. There is something about all woman groups that doesn't work sometimes. I work in a field that is very heavy on females. I am developing a few female friend groups that are not catty, though, which is nice.