I have that problem a little bit. If you read the beginning of this thread you'll notice at least i'm not the only one who doesn't always take what other people are saying as seriously as they do. One exception, when someone is being seriously serious I'll take them serious but when it's a little less serious I take other people less seriously than they take themselves. That's kind of a rude move, i guess. **

Grinnity has mentioned a kind of peer counseling program that teaches you to listen with your heart (I used to, but I'm out of practice. Got tired of being alone. Quitting that didn't help). But it's a couple hundred dollars and you have to have a partner and the closest class to me is two hours away. I think I'll still try it but maybe after at least one of the kids are in school full time. I still haven't made up my mind wether to try and go with my hubby or a Sahm friend. I had thought of a meditation recently connecting brain to heart. Now that I've typed this I think maybe I need to meditate on using my ears and my heart together. I tell you I'm having a full scale Dabrowski's moment.. But this one's going in slow-mo and I'm actively participating. It's a little spookier in slow-mo and I'm still a little blind in the corners.

**that sentence sounded seriously cheesy and I wonder if it meant what I thought I said.

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