Hi All

In reading through the existing posts regarding the daily challenges of gifted adults, some similarities are popping up. There will probably more similarities in future posts.

Some daily challenges mentioned and by more than one member here are:
1. being impatient with conversations, or a lack of
2. having a tendency to interrupt others
3. lacking or feeling a lack of discipline and/or persistance, and
4. feeling frustrated by an apparent lack of intelligence in others

I experience all of the challenges above myself. And so far this is how I've learned how to get around them:

1. During 'bad conversations' I remember to take deep belly breaths to help keep my body and mind relaxed. This deep breathing also helps me feel more patient with others, and helps keep my body protected from going limp from being drained by another.

2. When I interrupt another person, I catch myself & immediately apologize by saying something like "I'm sorry for interrupting. I'm excited about..." (or "I'm very interested", or "I completely understand") what you said and couldn't contain myself. Please forgive me. I may do this again but just know I'm listening." When I say something like this, I've noticed that people immediately perk up, smile and say "That's okay." This way I either made or kept a friend, or at least this will be someone that won't go to the other side of the street when they see me coming. They feel like I sincerely acknowledge them as another person, and that I respect them enough to give a good apologize. (A Special Note: There is an art to and a deep and abiding importance in giving a Good Apology. This single act, of immediately giving and receiving a Good Apology by everyone, can help save the world.)

3. I've learned that a lack of discipline and persistence can be a good thing to have. This 'lack' can actually prevent me from continuing on with doing something that may eventually not be good for me at all. It's like how too much of anything can feel too compulsive and mindless to do -- like how too much exercise or counting of calories takes the joy out of life. Going with the flow, being open to new ideas and interests, and changes, including changing the mind, often feels like a wisest way to go. I mean, how many college degrees, perfect conversations, weight to lose and gain, or weeds and lawns to dig up and mow, do we need to be truly happy and loved people? And sometimes just letting go and moving on is the best preparation for a peaceful & wise dying and death.

4. When I am feeling frustrated by the apparent stupidity of others (including my own) I eventually end of chosing to feel compassion and humor - because it feels better to feel these emotions than feeling continually repulsed, pissed off and arrogant. And a terrifically good laugh-at-it- all makes the heart happier and lighter. That and a hot bath. I also like myself better when I just throw my hands up in the air and say with gusto "Mama Mia! I (they, we, you) got stuck on stupid again! Jeeezz!!" smile