Truthfully, I don't even know how this post will be received. But at this point, it's an assignment my psychologist set me to doing (find an adult ADHD, Bipolar or "gifted" forum and connect with others - thus far, I can only find gifted kids forums so I'm a bit late to the ballgame it seems) here goes!

At age six I began building an empire in my head. Only those with the highest security clearance have been allowed in since. But as many of you know, those vast empires we put together to keep the world at bay will topple at some point. For me, today, Rome is burning and I'm sifting through the ruins for the boy I was 34 years ago.

That's the short story, anyway. I suppose what I'm asking is; "Do any such forums exist?" I haven't yet met an adult who called himself gifted without being regarded with contempt of the highest order. But thousands of milligrams of Adderall, Ritalin, Lithium and Xanax later, I've surrendered to my therapist and gone searching for me.

Truthfully, it feels a bit like coming out of some sort of socially-mandated closet. I jumped on this thread because it mentioned "problems facing 'gifted' adults". Whatever definition gets slapped on - I don't much care. Most probably, I sound like an ***hole, I know, but my present mood (if I'm to be authentic at all) won't afford me the luxury of pretense.

I never considered myself gifted. I considered myself different and somewhat broken. But I'm alright with that. People like the stuff I create and that seems to be enough for my mind. But my heart and mind aren't on speaking terms right now.

Long and short; is anyone aware of any books, websites or forums where people can be real about some serious pitfalls that plague one who feels perpetually driven to create?

Thanks for providing a place to unload. smile