Hello JonLaw, JohnSilver and others; I've just now stumbled on this post, not sure how I could POSSIBLY have missed it, but it is a great read.

I also have many of the issues here as does my dh; not so good fit with most nd others, making odd entrances/introductory statements so that I think EVERYONE must be staring at me, finding work meetings to be downright excruciating and slow at times, and wondering why the DELETE key has to be in a different place on every laptop keyboard ever made.

I have also had tremendous luck in finding a few rare gems in people and resources (including this forum). A new neighbor just moved in and turned out to be a fantastically smart cookie, her kids are a tremendous fun fit for our kids and even my dh has found another person he can tolerate in her husband. Very cool.

'Tolerate' probably sounds snobby; my dh has a higher iq than I (by about 1/2 sd) and I am not sure it naturally follows he has a harder time fitting in and understanding where most other folks are coming from, but that does seem to be the case.
Life for him without me to sort of translate...not sure it'd go so well. We are best friends, but I am sort of his window to the rest of the world. Does anyone else feel they have this role with their spouse?

Anyway, glad to have found the thread! Will be reading more, only about 1/2 way through.