Not that anybody asked, but my kids are not bilingual. Almost everybody they know is bilingual except for me. My husband thinks I should learn Spanish and teach them since I teach them everything else. I say why should I be the one to teach them Spanish when everybody here speaks Spanish somebody else should teach them. Actually I have the CAPS brand 3rd grade Spanish grammar program sitting on my bookshelf for later. All of my in laws and neighbors use Spanish and English every day. There is nothing I can say in Spanish that I can't say better in English but everybody who grew up here would just as soon say some things in English and somethings in Spanish depending on which phrase suits their story. They can still use my Spanish grammar books later same as English grammar but if I did like my husband said and taught my kids Spanish then they'd go to school and correct little kids Spanish whose parents are native speakers or they'll think they were wrong and the other kids were right. Let them learn locally and then I'll teach them to read Spanish.
I also bought Chinese cartoons. My kids have always heard Spanish being used everyday even if everybody speaks to them specifically in English. I thought if I bought them Chinese cartoons then if they wanted to take up a third language later on it wouldn't be so foreign. I should have picked Japanese because I didn't know I friend of the family in Japan. Oh well.

Youth lives by personality, age lives by calculation. -- Aristotle on a calendar