Aloha La Texan and All here

Ahhhh indeed, listening with the heart ~~ ahhhhh ~~~~ the best feeling of all. Thanks for mentioning this ~Sheer Bliss~ La Texan. I Love that kind of ear best of all when its my h-ear-t that is listening. Its grounding for heads in the clouds and oh so healing ~~ and helps peel off fear. Love Love Love how it slows down the breathing, and dilates the eyes and mind. Free Bliss for intense gifted adults. I give it ***** five stars, a Big Thumbs Up and Free Rent in my Head. It opens door and windows and veins that don't exist. A 74 degree temperature relaxing sweet scented breeze. Great for lovingly massaging in love into ourselves, for we too often give and give and give, and then give out.