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How do you regain enthusiasm once it is lost? I just feel so tired.

Hi there Lori -- keep on remembering our resiliency. We always land on our feet and especially after things like --- 1. getting out of a good long hot soothing bath wink 2. plenty of deep sleep and 3. filling up with premium fuel to keep the flames in our bodies stoked. and keep on remembering 4. Things could be worse. wink

We too often feel we can keep on going like finely tuned racing cars that we are similar to. So another day - to - day challenge is how to mentally slow down long enough to really relax and be still and heal. We especially need to do this because our nerves are exceptionally sensitive and easily revved up.

Is there anything you can remember in your past that truly was relaxing, and that inspired you?


Hi La Texican. I'll add something here to your comment above.

I am currently aware of adult women who are tired too and are feeling emotionally apathetic. And they don't have children.

I can agree with you though that feeling a loss of control can dampen the spirits. I've noticed with myself that when I complete something important to me (and I'm well-rested and well-fed too) I can keep my spirit's flame burning stronger.

By the way, one of the light-hearted family jokes going around here lately is that No One is Really in Control. This idea help lifts the heavy burden off a tired heart & mind that a person is responsible for things they actually have no control over. We laugh here alot about this. I mean really, some of the real control we do have is how we chose to react to feeling Out-Of-Control. HAA!

Our gift at Laughter helps us gifted folks out immensely and I'm deeply grateful for this.