I just wanted to share the found phrase "gifted ex-child".   Because it's cool!

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.These gifted children have disappeared into the vast territory of adulthood. Have they disappeared in the same way prodigies do? No matter how powerful the adult talent of a grownup child prodigy, he is no longer a prodigy, because the term is linked not solely to ability, but also to age. The adult, even if continuing to excel in his earlier domain, is forever an ex-prodigy. Does the gifted child, grown up, similarly become an ex-gifted child? Having left childhood and school behind, has she also left behind the differences that were recognized in the "gifted" label? Or could she more accurately be described as a gifted ex-child?  

Neat sounding phrase, "gifted ex-child".  This quote might be blurring "gifted" from "prococious" however this article makes it clear that they're not limiting "gifted" to the need for "gifted services" or "achievement" but saying that giftedness affects more than these visible effects of giftedness.  

also from the article:
The gifted frequently take their own capacities for granted, believing that it is people with different abilities who are the really bright ones (Alvarado, 1989; Tolan, 1992). 
The author of that article really put some thought and effort into it.

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