Hi All,

Another challenge I have is creating and maintaining a peaceful enough mind to help me relax my body more. My mind is frequently inventing something new to think about and do. I don't have any sort of thing going on like clinical ADHD. I can concentrate on one thing long enough - amd especially when love and compassion inspire me.

There are some cool stuff I can do with my very active and creative mind. I can read several different books at once and comprehend them all, and then next Voila! I can come up with a whole new concept or way of doing something even better. I can also imagine what its like to be someplace or to be talking to a particular someone and that place and that person physically materializes in the near future.

I could be an excellent medical diagnotician or detective, except for dealing continually with sickness and crime. Yuck. That stuff is way too sad for me to be involved with on a daily basis. I just stick to watching tv shows like maybe Bones and The Killing for mental exercise and for some emotional distance. I'd get stuck in muck being too up close and personal to that stuff.


Meditation works great for calming the mind. Once as an older adult, I actually did discipline myself enough to meditate every morning at around 7am. After six month of doing this, something mysterious happened. I still don't know what happened but that's okay. My 'aura' or the color around my body turned lavender. My ND, my husband, my best friends, my neighbors, could see this color too. I was transformed into a calmer or maybe what can be called an enlightened being. I stopped "needing" to meditate like I had been doing up to that point. I was exceptionally feeling even more lonelier as a result too. I had experienced something extraordinary and no one around me could relate.

Today, I can just think about mediating and that's enough to calm my mind down and help get me back on track of what is really important - like love & compassion. This mystery of turning the color of lavender isn't mentioned in any books or by anyone that I've run across yet, and I've been calmly looking for an anwer for a few years now. But I'm okay with not knowing why -- on the Other Side all mysteries will be revealed.