Oh, this should be a really fascinating thread. It will be really interesting to see how our experiences are similar and different.

For me, I think the worst part of being a gifted adult is that my education as a kid did not ever truly challenge me, so I did not really learn that work ethic that we have talked about instilling in our kids. Watching my son deal with his perfectionism really made me start thinking about my own. School never challenged me at all until I had to write my master's thesis and dissertation in grad school and then massive writer's block set in. It wasn't coming up with the ideas that was hard, but the persistence needed to complete them was foreign to me. And the paralyzing perfectionism didn't help either. I did finally finish, but it took much longer than it should have and that is why I am so adamant that my kids receive challenging educations and learn that persistence at a young age.

And related to previous posts, I too have the experience of waiting around for people to get to an obvious point or having people explain something ad nauseum. This does not bother me so much now since I have perfected the ability to look like I'm listening while really thinking of something completely different! smile

There's much more I could write, but I'll stop for now.