This is a great thread smile

I think the thing I struggle with most as a gifted adult is STILL asynchrony. I am relatively young compared to the other mums at dd's school, my friendship group and compared to my work peers (between 10 -20 years younger). I still find myself being shocked at people's immaturity and poor decision making, their lack of personal insight and so on. Sometimes I feel so old as I listen to other people and like Val, I often can't underestand how they miss where they are going wrong. Yet on the other hand there are many things that I'm interested in that are age appropriate for me (going to see bands, pop culture, particular kinds of humor etc), and which they are well and truely done with.

It used to make me angry and resentful. Now I just feel kind of isolated (despite having a lovely group of gifted friends in that mix). I've never had the 'let rip' relationship (though sometimes I wonder if they really exist - whether maybe you can only ever really hope to find a few different people that different bits of you can 'let rip' with; if that's the case I do kind of have that and so perhaps I'm pretty lucky). I haven't had a chance to read the Growing Old Gifted article yet, but even the comments made about it in this thread resonated. I think I always assumed I would plateau and others would catch up as I got older and I'd find I finally fitted, but that hasn't been the case - doesn't sound like it will be either!

"If children have interest, then education will follow" - Arthur C Clarke