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I had thought of a meditation recently connecting brain to heart. Now that I've typed this I think maybe I need to meditate on using my ears and my heart together.

In Hawaiian cosmology, you don't think with your head and feel with your heart. You do both with your gut. I was just listening to a singer whose Hawaiian surname means "daytime stomach" or "enlightened one". The opposite, "nighttime stomach" has been translated as "ignoramus". I guess the implication is that you can't think properly on an empty stomach.

And actually, there are neurons in the heart, so...

"The cardiac neuronal hierarchy can be represented as a redundant control system made up of spatially distributed cell stations comprising afferent, efferent, and interconnecting neurons. Its peripheral and central neurons are in constant communication with one another such that, for the most part, it behaves as a stochastic control system. "