Lori, I just don't know.

I just read that fear of the unknown and anxiety in some gifted individuals is a type of overexcitabilities.

I keep hearing that feeling like you have no control causes or contributes to depression, and depression causes loss of energy and enthusiasm.

I don't know if real life's that simplified.  My cousin who's a therapist said any medical doctor can prescribe you a mild anti-depressant to get you over this.  I haven't tried it because I'm extended nursing.

 My trusted guru says my feelings tired, loss of control, and loss of enthusiasm is part of the package of having kids.  He's Catholic so he's said his scriptures say to take good care of the widows and childless, who I guess weren't taken good care of back then.  He says that was a very practical commandment because what it actually ended up doing was keeping these women around the community that had all the skills and talents of a woman and a mother but the difference was they had energy and enthusiasm to do things for the community because they didn't have children.

Youth lives by personality, age lives by calculation. -- Aristotle on a calendar