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2). Many interests that I've had on and off throughout my life are still there and they're still growing and evolving on a path of their own. Especially ideas I've been developing over my lifetime. Instead of incessantly building my knowledge bank and sorting them like I have for all my life I just find little trinkets of ideas that I like and throw them into their satchel with their project group. I'd elaborate but it's just the stuff of thoughts and ideas. No, that makes it sound weirder than it is. I mean interests like folk medicine and stuff. And I've always collected and traded arts and crafts techniques. Recently I got a little time using an airbrush. No, I have nothing to show and did nothing spectacular but it's that I doodled as a kid and then got into colored pencils later and now that interest seems to be sticking around and continuing to evolve.

Is ^ a gifted thing? I have so many projects / hobbies / interests floating around in my pouch. I've had many of them for years now and they stick around. I return to them randomly and find that I know much more than I did before, or feel like I'm ready to dive into them again. And all of the things I've learned about in the pouch influence how I understand new things I come across.

And as far as constantly learning new things. It is like everything is connected and I've got a vast web of information in my mind where I can plug in the new tidbits that I'm learning every day. ("Oh!!! This is just like THAT thing...that is a different way of looking at it." etc. And a new connection lights up.) Anyone else experience that?