Kriston, I understand your views. The problem is, my GS was reading his Bible during some free time, he'd just gotten it and was carrying it everywhere. But because the teacher and other staff were so afraid of violating 'separation of church & state', and having someone offended by a 6 year old with a Bible, that they violated his right to read what he wanted.
As for Christian HSers having separatists views, don't we all protect our children from experiences we think they are not old enough or mature enough to handle? I disagree with separating ourselves from the world in the way some Christians do, because I don't think that's the example we were given by Jesus.

OK, I'm going to quit on this thread, because I didn't want to get into religious debates, not the time or place here for that. I said what causes me to get defensive, and that's all I intended to do on this thread.