Ah, incogneato!

You chose to edit your comment, after all. What a shame.

It was so nice and pithy when it merely said to me:
>And you're an idiot

No one here is a victim. But you did choose to post a message to me, not in response to anything I had posted to or about you, that gratuitously insulted me. I simply pointed ouot politely that your doing so was rude.

It indeed was.

That's not playing the victim -- it is merely responding politely to your unsolicited insults.

This is all rather silly, but I think it does demonstrate very nicely my original post pointing out the negative effects that the predominant mode of socialization in our society has on the emotional and psychological development of so many who mature (or fail to mature) in our society.

I certainly do not claim to be a "victim,� but I do think your and Kriston�s statements do nicely illustrate my earlier point about how �personalizing� an issue can be used to bully people and attempt to silence them. Of course, sometimes this does not work.

All the best,