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I guess I should be feeling guilty about not running for the school board.....
You don't need to feel personally responsibility to change your community. Work to make a difference where you can. I feel that if my advocacy efforts improve the situation for my children and a few others along the way that I am making a positive impact.

Also, just so you know, the immersion program developed in our district was not initiated for any altruistic reasons. It was simply a way to bring up the test scores of the Spanish speaking students in our district (NCLB). The program just has some positive side benefits. Though the program is still young, it appears to be successful and the district is looking at expanding it.

You don't need full-scale buy-in from the larger community to initiate positive changes. A small number of students and parents have made a big impact in our situation. My dd's school has less than 100 English-speaking students who have transferred into the school (of over 600 students). It is just one small effort in our district of 35,000 students.