I hear you Kriston and we're not homeschooling yet. I'm already well aware that my in-laws are going to be VERY uncomfortable with the idea of homeschooling at least initially. They don't even really "get" that DS7 is years beyond age mates and reading at a higher level than his cousins 4-5 years older. I did have my sister in law pull me aside one day and basically say "What are you going to do with this kid?". She sees DS once or twice a year and totally picked up on him immediately.

I'm also really anxious about getting grouped in with the far left conservative Christian home schoolers because we could not be further from that! We actually knew a couple of these kids from my son's music school and it seemed like these poor kids rarely, if ever got to talk to people from outside a tiny circle. They would practically jump on my lap while their mother attended lessons with another child. If the public schools want to fill my kid's heads with a liberal agenda - I'm all for it! wink Just be prepared for 10,000 questions. Part of the appeal of homeschooling to me is the secular HS groups ARE diverse!

I also feel defensive for bailing on public school! I really do think our school IS a good school for many kids, but it doesn't work at all for our kid. And neither DH or I are very strong at political type advocacy. We'd be much better at homeschooling than we would be at advocating full time.

Anyway - thanks for the post!