I thought it was pretty clear that I was just being a little lighthearted. You've, accurately I think, described yourself as being more defensive than I am about homeschooling, and I think everyone, including you, would agree that there is really nothing that you are doing wrong that you should need to feel defensive about. You're just bothered that some silly people may not approve of what you are doing, even though you yourself think you are doing the right thing.

Well, you are doing the right thing, so you really should not worry, and you really should just be happy. If you were worrying about some serious disease or something, I would not say that. And I do realize that you may continue to be a bit defensive, even though I suggest you needn't be.

But I'm really on your side, Kriston. I seem just to be worrying less than you and to be a bit more optimistic than you are. We have similar values and are pursuing similar approaches with our kids.

So, I really do hope you won't worry too much, and I really do hope you will be happy. I hope that for everyone here, and, indeed, for most human beings. Is that really being condescending?

All the best,