I applaud everyone who HSs. I couldn't do it. It sounds very hard.

Dave, you sound exactly like DH, though secretly he really likes socializing, he just doesn't know how. The way you described yourself in HS, he has described himself. Didn't get invited to the football parties, but he was friends with everyone.

And all animal young like to play with each other, it is innate. And in my opinion, girls are born liking the cute boy and will wear what is fashionable to attract. I think I agree with Kriston's points that lie along that line about social cues.

Kriston, we agree.

I joined a mother's "support" group when DD was 4 months. As soon as I sat down on the floor and put her on a blanket, she rolled across the floor to see the other babies. A child with high social needs and it continues.

Does Davidson have any longitudinal studies on how HSing works and doesn't work for kids down the road, like researched pros and cons?