I think when we read posts about what educational choices others have made for their children, we must always remember those are the choices they have made for their children. We can always learn from those posts, even if what we learn is to confirm our choices may be 100% opposite, but for the reasons that are right for us.

I love reading all the different stories, and how everyone makes education work for their families. Right now I see my GS8 as following the same path as acs's child, with a bit of Grinity's method thrown in with afterschooling. Who knows, later things may change and require a different approach. If we didn't have the wide variety of approaches presented on this forum we may not be aware of all that is available.

It's good to openly address the defensiveness that we all feel at times. It reminds everyone that we are open to all input about educational choices and opportunities. Another thing to keep in mind, the thing we have in common on this board is being passionate about getting the best education for our children. When something works well for our child, of course we sound passionate about it. Nothing wrong with that, don't we love to see the same passion in our children? Just keep in mind, "one size does NOT fit all!"