Quite right.

If Ann and Dottie meant the phrase in its correct meaning, and were actually expressing sympathy for me, I will sincerely (and most ruefully, I assure you!) apologize to them. I can only say that it is a bit disconcerting being on the receiving end of so much verbal abuse preceding their posts.

From the tone of their posts, it appeared to me that they were not using the phrase in its correct meaning and were intending to criticize me.

Again, if I was indeed mistaken (as I clearly was in terms of the correct meaning!) and wrongly interpreted supportive comments as abusive comments, I hope they will so inform me and I will most sincerely apologize.

Thank you a great deal for pointing this out. It is always a good thing when an unnecessary conflict can be avoided. Frankly, I have had enough of being attacked. I really do hope that I was wrong in those two cases, and that two of the ´┐Żattacks´┐Ż were not attacks at all.

Unfortunately, I am not too optimistic that they intended the phrase in its correct meaning, but we shall see.

All the best,