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Unfortunately schools don't operate on "moral obligations", and truth be told, they'd short-change the other learners by just as much if there wasn't a federal law on their behalf.

That's what we need.....federal protection!

Unfortunately, they also don't operate under federal law unless you threaten to sue them. I am speaking from experience here since both my kids have federally recognized physical disabilities. We had to fight tooth and nail to get accommodations for their life-threatening food allergies. We are talking about the basics, things that are medically necessary for them to have safe access to school. Things like having a trained person on site at all times to administer the epipen and prohibiting staff members from offering my daughter food that we had not approved.

I also know some parents whose kids have autism. Believe me, their needs are NOT being served by the school despite the kids' diagnoses and IEP's.

It would be great to have federal protection for GT students but don't think that schools would automatically toe the line if that happened.

Oh, and I have to say that jokingly using the "allergy" excuse for homeschooling sounds about as funny to me as jokingly saying you are homeschooling because your kid has cancer. I may be overly sensitive about this but that's how I feel. If your child truly has allergies, that's one thing. But I hate to see people making light of something that could kill my kid.