I often feel that I am being judged by teachers and other homeschoolers and even family members, so yes, I am a little defensive.

On a recent vacation, I could feel my geology professor sister-in-law watching us but she only commented on my 2E dyspraxic son's inability to use a knife properly. Her children have gone to the best schools and they will only go to the best colleges. Since our state does not require an appropriate education for 2E children, we have no choice but to do the best we can within our budget. I have only a two year degree in accounting but I am determined to give my son a better education than the more experienced and better educated teachers who ignored the areas in which he was gifted but only cared that he learn to color in the lines.

My common sense tells me that letting my son read and discuss the "thought-provoking" books with high level vocabulary that he loves instead of the books his 4th grade age mates are reading in school will build his comprehension and feed his need for learning better than what the public school offers. Common sense tells me that my son needs to type most of his work in addition to practicing handwriting. Common sense tells me that he needs occupational therapy for his disability, not the "gift of time" that they recommend for kids with motor delays. Common sense tells me that children learn better without having to worry about the bullies. Common sense tells me that a teacher's education degree is worthless if the teacher doesn't use common sense in educating children with varying abilities and learning differences.

We feel like we are very much a minority. There is very little support for twice exceptional children like my son, so we have to do it alone and try not to worry about what other people think.