Lori wrote:

>My son refused to read the rest of A Wrinkle in Time. He said the town we live in reminded him too much of Camazotz. This is one reason we homeschool.

Lori, your son is wise beyond his years! I think Madeleine L�Engle would say that he grasped the real theme of �A Wrinkle in Time.�

I hope when he is a bit older he will read through the scary part all the way to the end. It is a great book.

I had not thought of this until reading your comment, but I suppose the point of that scene (maybe of the whole book) is that Camazotz is really� Earth.

I think L�Engle was optimistic enough to hope that the earth can be freed of the influence of the black cloud. I too am enough of an optimist to hope that can be done, and perhaps some of us homeschoolers are doing our own small part to raise kids who are individuals and not just members of the mass.

All the best,