OK, I'll just say what I'm thinking and then I'll be done.

And please, K, don't feel that this is directed at you. I just want to say these things that I cannot say to my friends at home and still stay friends.

I just want people to try public schools for themselves and see if they work before they pull their kids out. Because I think if they did, some people would be pleasantly surprised, and our schools would be better off. If it doesn't work, if it's harming your child, then, of course, take him/her out.

And Kriston, you are right, what's happening in our community is racist and classist. People say it out loud. That is why I get so angry! Yes, the system should change. But the way I see it the ones who are left in the PS system when all the white middle class folks have left are the ones who have the least voice, the ones who are least able to change the system. And that makes me sad.