I just wish I had a better way to answer the inevitable (even if unspoken) question, "Why are you HSing?"

I think of HS as a customized education. Maybe when people ask you why you're homeschooling you could say that you want to give your child a customized education that allows him to pursue his passions and gives him extra support in areas where he needs it. No need to feel defensive about that!

Also, I think that people can be supportive of the idea of free, public education without feeling like they need to participate in it. Yes, it should be there as an option for all and a failsafe for those who need it. But don't feel like you have to tolerate a bad fit if you have other options--like HS. I don't see how remaining in a bad PS situation could possibly benefit or support the public school system. It would be a drain on that system. It doesn't seem hypocritical at all to support PS in principle even though you don't send your child to PS.