kimck wrote:

> Dave - I like this line of thinking! Call me a bit starry eyed as well.

Yeah, I know it may sound as if I�m arguing (in the bad sense) with Kriston, but the message I�m really trying to send her and everyone here is: �Don�t worry! Be happy!�

When I was a kid, there was no �gifted community,� no homeschoolers, and no Internet to discuss this or any other issue. And I know lots of parents nowadays, not just of gifted kids, who are being pro-active and trying to get their kids a better education.

I�m even feeling better about the Presidential race, which has been rather a downer for me. Sure, this guy Rev. Wright said some goofy things, but he also made some thought-provoking comments that deserve discussion. And Obama had the guts to not just dump his friend but simply to disassociate himself from some of the guys� comments. I�m not an Obama booster (I may not even vote for him � haven�t decided yet), but I see that as one more sign that people are starting to think and speak up for themselves and that the mainstream media and the old institutions are finding there�s not much they can do about it.

There�s a lot of ferment, thinking, and discussion going on among the people of this country that is just becoming visible. As Dylan said so long ago, the times they are a�changin�.