Oh, the HG+ child business is really painful. It's like the invisible elephant in the room. I think I spend most of my days yet in denial. Sure I come to the GT board, but really, my kid is on the cusp of this GT thing, right? Of course, that is the REAL reason homeschooling has even come up as an option for us. But it's incredibly hard to verbalize that, and sometimes even admit to myself. We're kind of embracing it as a lifestyle choice we'd like to try too and see how it feels. We are also lucky to live in a urban/liberal area with plenty of secular/GT homeschoolers. I'm amazed what's popping out of the woodwork now that we're looking.

This morning I read independently with about half the children in DS's first grade class. I'm always surprised that first graders REALLY do read at first grade level. It's quite good for my denial.