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Imagine some other religion were the dominant religion in our country, and kids were reading their religious works at school and your GS is a Christian. Wouldn't that be exclusionary and uncomfortable for him? That's what I'm thinking about here.

I live in Utah. Mormon land. Majority of students in PS are LDS. We are not. When my kids went to a private/parochial school, it was not a problem, when they switched to charter I had an eye opening experiences. LDS people are very nice but they concentrate on evangelization. Especially the youth of the church. After all, all men 18 and older are expected to serve a 2 year mission for the church.
In PS here missionaries are allowed to do volunteer work. I do not agree with that. They are, after all, missionaries! Public HS have a special free period built into them, so the kids can take seminary class. Every day for four years. Technically, the seminary building is not connected with PS but it is righ by or across the school from it. The school willingly accomodates that. I do not agree. But I live here by choice. It is a great and beautiful state.