I don't blame you. It makes me sad, too.

But I guess my problem is the racism and classism, not the homeschooling. They're taking a good and useful educational tool and misusing it for evil. That's really a shame.

I have HUGE problems with racism and classism and prejudice in all forms. Please don't misunderstand me--that's NOT okay with me at all!

Honestly, it sounds to me like the schools in your area need better PR more than anything.

FWIW, we have the opposite problem here--our school system has a great--and mostly undeserved--reputation. Yes, nearly all the kids graduate and the test scores are high. But what I realized is that these things are really meaningless to a GT kid. If the teachers coast on what the kids already know, then it's a crappy system for our kids.

So I'm 100% behind you on the "no racism and classism" thing. I'd tend to speak up about that, actually, and have those people hate me. I hope you talk to them about how good the schools have been for your child at every opportunity!

But if I were there, and if the school didn't seem to be able to serve my kids as it is well-serving yours, we wouldn't stay because we owed it to the system. (I am glad that it's not an issue for us though. My white liberal guilt would keep me up at night!)

And really, acs, you don't have to be done here. smile I think this is a good, productive, thought-provoking conversation. I hope you do, too. I appreciate what you're saying!