OMG, Dottie, that scenario just about gives me a heart attack. Your DD could have been passed out in the bathroom, abandoned there by the nurse!!! Not humorous at all! I would definitely complain to the school.

St. Pauli Girl--apology accepted--anyway, your son really DOES have allergies! I hope your son's school is on top of the allergy issues but you may discover they're not as aware as they think they are. I have had people say things to me like, "This doesn't have peanuts in it, just peanut butter." Dairy allergies are tricky (I know because both my kids were allergic to dairy as toddlers.) People don't really know what is or isn't a dairy product. People don't know how to read labels. I was naively trusting of DD's preschool, and found out that her teacher had offered DD a Reese's peanut butter cup. (See peanut butter comment above.) Fortunately, DD refused.

I did a 30min training session with the same preschool about peanut allergies and how to use the epipen. Two months later, I went in to give them a fresh epipen because the old one had expired. The lady at the desk says, "Oh, this must be for your DD's bee sting allergy." eek