They don't care about moral obligations. I was told by the superintendent of our public school that being unable to get an appropriate education for my 2E son because he was very advanced in reading and comprehension based on WIAT scores and also advanced in math and everything else except things that required good motor skills that this was a "good problem to have" and that I should keep homeschooling. I couldn't even get his permission to let my son play on the playground during school hours with other kids that he used to go to school with because of liability reasons. When the gifted coordinator's office called him and asked about this he said it was because I might be a child molestor or something even though I volunteered at the school several days a week when my son was in Kindergarten. I would have kept volunteering if they would have just let my son go to school part time to be with other kids but they won't allow it and Oklahoma law doesn't require an appropriate education for twice exceptional children.

We think this is a form of discrimination. The state gifted coordinator even recommended writing to my legislators and the governor. I did, but they don't answer my letters or emails. We are such a minority that they don't think they have to bother with us. We are just supposed to keep paying our taxes so that all the other kids can learn. When my son was learning about the civil rights movement he said he thought it was nice that at least there were lots of other people in their "minority" so they didn't have to feel so alone when fighting for their rights. Last year, while reading Johnny Tremaine and also reading about the Boston Tea Party he made comments about the "taxation without representation" and he thought in some ways that described our situation. We have to pay taxes but we don't have the right to the services our taxes pay for. He sees problems with our education system and even our form of government that I never questioned when I was a child and he is only nine.