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Unless, of course, you are pressed for more information and have to decide whether or not to say "Well, he's allergic to boring teachers, underfunded GT programs, and inflexible administrators."


The grade question is a tricky one, acs. I have the same problem the HSing woman had, though without the off-putting tone, I hope. smile

DS6 is clearly not a "1st grader" in any meaningful sense of the word. He'd probably be in 2nd grade this year if he were in PS, though maybe with another skip planned for next year. So how does one answer that question?

I figure most people are really asking "How old is your child," so I answer "He's almost 7" or "He started the year in 1st grade." Next year will be trickier for me, since he will start that year where he left off this one. But it worked for me for this year.

I think the trick is to answer the question being asked and not try to turn it into a referendum on HSing! LOL!