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So as a person who tries to analyze a problem in depth, I get very frustrated when the discussion continues to revolve around the same simplistic ideas year after year and even after decades.

And sometimes folks give out quickly if you get really into something together. Just means people aren't really into what they say. No it doesn't. It just means you're intense. I guess I vaguely remember sometimes being told I was intense. I forgot about all that. I actually feel like a floating slow moving manatee, just watching my kids. Any urge to "let it rip" is super suppressed by the urge to "watch it grow". Something new is happening and I want to see.

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I am interested in starting a discussion about problems facing "gifted" adults. My reading has led me to believe that I may belong to that category and it would be helpful to discusss some of the challenges that this "group" has to deal with on a day-to-day basis.
Please respond if anyone is interested. Thanks.

What kind of stuff you been reading?

My personal gifted adult issues-
1). I guess I personally do have a problem knowing I can do a better job than someone else at something that really does matter, it's something I could and would make a positive impact with, but I'm not taking any steps toward it because I don't want to argue myself into more work. I have always been first in line to volunteer gladly. Right now "my light's under a bushel".

2). Many interests that I've had on and off throughout my life are still there and they're still growing and evolving on a path of their own. Especially ideas I've been developing over my lifetime. Instead of incessantly building my knowledge bank and sorting them like I have for all my life I just find little trinkets of ideas that I like and throw them into their satchel with their project group. I'd elaborate but it's just the stuff of thoughts and ideas. No, that makes it sound weirder than it is. I mean interests like folk medicine and stuff. And I've always collected and traded arts and crafts techniques. Recently I got a little time using an airbrush. No, I have nothing to show and did nothing spectacular but it's that I doodled as a kid and then got into colored pencils later and now that interest seems to be sticking around and continuing to evolve.

3.) As an adult and a parent it's TOTALLY not about you. It's about appreciating your family life. It's a gift. Also I've never had sensory adverse symptoms but I got it a little now that I have kids. I talked to a friend of mine and she said, yup, and it doesn't go away as you get older. And my dad told me get ready because your body starts to do all kinds of weird stuff as you get older. Oh yeah, and my nightmares have gotten B-O-R-I-N-G. Used to they would have made a good novel but now they're about houses falling apart and stuff.

I don't know if those are gifted issues or adult issues but it's a few of the things I feel at this stage of my life.

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