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3. I've learned that a lack of discipline and persistence can be a good thing to have. This 'lack' can actually prevent me from continuing on with doing something that may eventually not be good for me at all. It's like how too much of anything can feel too compulsive and mindless to do -- like how too much exercise or counting of calories takes the joy out of life. Going with the flow, being open to new ideas and interests, and changes, including changing the mind, often feels like a wisest way to go. I mean, how many college degrees, perfect conversations, weight to lose and gain, or weeds and lawns to dig up and mow, do we need to be truly happy and loved people? And sometimes just letting go and moving on is the best preparation for a peaceful & wise dying and death.
Wow DebM, this is all great stuff and I can relate to every single bit.

Right now one of my life lessons is this. Learning that I do not have to follow through with every single "great idea" I have. I used to feel guilty for having so many "great ideas" and not following through on many (most?) of them, as if it were a character flaw. I have since realized that it's not a character flaw, nor is it a lack of discipline or persistence on my part, it's just a part of life. I can't possibly follow through with everything, nor would it be good for me (or those around me!)

Interesting thread!